"This book holds so much-- the need to escape, the need to be found, the way distances between parents and children expand and contract, the way grief can swallow will, the way redemption comes in fragile and faltering steps. Lena Roy handles the parallel narratives like a pro; the characters are so true they make your heart hurt." - Judy Blundell, 2009 National Book Award Winner.

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A story of love and grief, addiction and redemption, set in both NYC’s Upper West Side and in the red rock desert of Moab, Utah.



Luke let Tangerine climb up the cable first. He was panting by the time he got to the top. The sun’s angle on the earth had deepened the color of the rocks to a dark watermelon. The drop into the canyons was spellbinding. The world was vast, unknowable.

He and Tangerine walked across the mesa and silently stopped. They sat down. She leaned against him, so he guessed it would be okay to sneak his arm around her. He couldn’t resist smelling her hair. They sat like that for a long time, watching the rest of the sunset.