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A story of love and grief, addiction and redemption, set in both NYC’s Upper West Side and in the red rock desert of Moab, Utah.

Author Visits

Author Visits and Workshops for Seventh Grade and Up

Face to Face

As a Young Adult Author and former therapist specializing in drama therapy and drug and alcohol counseling, I would be delighted to come to your school or library to work with your students. The shared personal experience is designed to be lively and informative in small or large group settings.


An interactive discussion about my novel EDGES is possible in person or via SKYPE. The session starts with a five minute reading followed by a discussion of the different elements in the book: What are the themes? Why does Luke feel that he has to leave his father? What does he need to learn? Why isn’t life immediately better for Ava when she stops drinking? What are the different ways that the characters in Edges solve their problems? Do they work? How does the imagery and landscape of the novel mirror the internal processes of the characters? What are their points of view? The session winds down with the EDGES back-story, a frank sharing of how the book came to life. An open Q & A period with the students concludes our time together. Be assured the format is open to revision to fit your particular teens' needs.

Addiction/​Recovery Workshop via EDGES

During a workshop the group defines addiction and tackles topics such as: Myths vs. Facts - what do you know about drug/​alcohol use and abuse? Everybody has different ways of coping, and many of us use people, places and things in a negative way to relieve us of our pain. What do you do to take the edge off of the burdens of life? EDGES examples: Luke separates himself from his father, goes hiking, relies on himself. Ava used alcohol – until it didn’t work anymore. By the end of the book, do they each have a different way of coping?

Writing exercise: What’s in your Tool Kit? Identify positive, healthy ways of dealing with stress. Write a letter to Luke or Ava, or to someone in your life who is in pain, or to an older version of yourself.


As a writing instructor for youth and former teen counselor, I bring extensive experience leading workshops in small or large groups. Students examine elements of story, explore and empower their creative selves, and discover the rewards of revision, layering, and peer review. Writing exercises and prompts help the student discover voice and self-confidence in writing.